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Our people

Alberto Piaserico - CEO MISIS
Alberto Piaserico, Bocconi graduate and natural -born business man.

Sometimes the future is written in the fate especially when you are born in a family of businessmen who love their job and the material with which they realize their wonderful creations.

This is how it went for Alberto, promising Bocconi graduate with strong managment skills, who was seduced by the silver dusts of the family company.

Gaving the job in his genes, he gained experience by working both in the laboratories and in the warehouse.

Step by step he reached the top, taking the place of the father Bruno as General Manager of the company

determination, tenacity and expertise make Alberto a young business man, attentive to the market dynamics, open to the dialogue and the development of cross sinergies able to overcome the global crisis and open new ways.

Above all the opening of the ditribution sales channels in China, Russia and Asia are worth mentioning.

The Ceo of Misis, talented and curios, supervises the production in every aspect in order to be sure of everything .This is a very demanding and absorbing role covered only at 30 years old by his willing..and a complicit fate.

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Ceo of Misis