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Live your nature

Lush nature, multi-coloured and happy, lies at the base of every Misis creation. Having fun wearing an angel fish that frolics among bubbles and coral; expressing an exotic and gypsy spirit alternating between winging parrots and toucans and coloured Calathea arrangements; a dive into the blue sea to re-emerge enhanced by coloured coral and bright starfish... every day we experience nature in a different way depending on how we feel and what we want to express about ourselves... Misis plays with nature and women... exploiting the elegance, the simplicity, the colours to create gems that become evocative, suggestive accessories, sometimes ironic and sometimes romantic.

A gem because of the precious and painstaking craftsmanship; an accessory because it photographs and interprets moments, styles and moods that are always different... each woman is different from the next and everyone can express their own personality and spirit in an original way choosing the most suitable accessory from Misis nature jewellery.


In the beginning everything was water, then came earth, from the persistent blowing of the air. Fire drew the mountains and the heat of the sun brought life onto the Earth.

WATER is the source of life and its symbol. Misis makes the aquatic world live through jewels which reproduce submerged forms of life, corals, crabs, starfish, sea horses, fish. Misis is closely linked to this world; Misis is also the name of a kind of shrimps.

EARTH, as an element, is the DNA of Misis. Earth, solid and thriving, symbolizes the primordial matter, it welcomes (embraces) life, it nourishes it. Misis celebrates earth with giraffes, crocodiles, zebras, squirrels, pandas, monkeys and many more; moreover, through colourful flowers, iridescent irises, red poppies, solar sunflowers, pure lisianthuses.

AIR, intangible, is the life energy we breathe, without which we could not live.In the air, in the sky, Misis makes butterflies fly, as well as dragonflies, toucans, parrots, as a form of celebration of life and freedom.

FIRE, which symbolizes energy and passion, is expressed by Misis by experimenting with a new design in which nature is reborn in a more modern and essential fashion.