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PAPUA - Water

The call of the sea, of the ocean that speaks, that urges the wayfarer to savour the present. A world of peace, of golden shores, seen from boats that reach beaches. Curious eyes, surrounded by the water, protrude outward and look inside you: a submerged universe, an enchanted paradise, made up of light and reflecting transparencies. A small fish darts by happily, among sinuous algae and admiring gazes. Papua is that universe, an environment of light, where animals and nature find space. Misis immerses itself in that harmonic trend and infuses it in jewellery with extravagant charisma. It is worn by a joyful and brilliant woman who loves to openly express the nature she has within.
Papua Water - Papua - BR08006 Water - Papua - CA08093A Water - Papua - OR09534 Water - Papua - AN03429 Water - Papua - CA08095 Water - Papua - OR09528 Water - Papua - CA08097 Water - Papua - OR09530 Water - Papua - AN03431 Water - Papua - CA08096P Water - Papua - OR09529P