Misis, love for jewels

Silver jewellery since 1986

Misis family: silver Jewellery makers

Misis: a family and a company which creates silver and gold jewels with precious stones and colourful enamel

Misis is a family, it's the passion of a couple that has been able to share their love for jewelry with their children. On the wave of the creative energy of the two founders, Bruno and Maria Ester Piaserico, who had already been creating fine silver jewelry, from 1986 onwards Misis continues to grow and be renewed thanks also to the support of their two children, Claudia and Alberto, who have been able to enrich the firm with their creative and managerial intuition, after having completed distinguished training programs. Misis was founded in Vicenza, the world jewel "capital" and melting pot of all the different creative influences from the nearby cities of Venice and Milan, where fashion and art come together. In this context, as dynamic as it is dangerous, Misis was able to consolidate its customer base over the years and to gain visibility in the major world markets: Europe, Asia, United States. Its strength is its common family aim: to transform silver, which has always been considered second best to gold, into a high quality jewelry item. In the family workshop, nowadays very fine items are created, by paying attention to every detail and permeating every object with imagination. Precious stones, iridescent enamels, silver and gold give life to forms that vary from geometrical rigor to the spontaneity of nature. Misis consciously combines different styles and creates passionate and instinctive items that are perfectly suited to new tendencies as well as elegant timeless shapes.

Each piece of jewellery features a workmanship between innovation and Italian handicraft

The precious Misis objects take shape inside the production laboratory: attention is paid to every detail and every piece is permeated by imaginative intuition. The jewels are the result of two very different worlds: the world of modern machines and the world of artisan work, which here combine and complete in turn. On the one hand experiments with avantgarde machines represent advanced technical research in the graphic design and prototype field, on the other there are the production processes tied to the world of real goldsmithing, and the scrupulous artisan care that is taken with details. The material and gems used to garnish the jewels are the result of careful and meticulous research for the biggest world distributors of precious and semi precious material. The synthesis of these essential and delicate moments guarantee that Misis creations are top quality.
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Work is love made visible
Kahlil Gibran

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